Research Interest

"How can we estimate various material properties under different environments?"

The visual ability to perceive the material properties of the objects of our world is crucial to many of our everyday behaviours. Through sight alone we are skilled at judging colour, glossiness, translucency, glow; and at inferring associated properties of objects, such as light / heavy; soft / hard; rough / smooth, and even their states, such as wet / dry; clean / dirty; cooked / raw. Perception of material properties seems effortless, but the light reaching the eye from a given material can differ dramatically depending on viewing conditions such as object position, viewpoint and scene illumination. Nevertheless, our perceptual system can maintain the perception under many environmental changes. For example, looking at two pictures below, we probably have no problem to judge these are the same set of the objects under different lighting environments. This is called perceptual constancy. My research aims at understanding mechanisms that underpin this stability of our visual system.

2010 - present