University of Oxford

Oct 2016- Present  DPhil Student

Supervisor: Prof. Hannah E. Smithson

Working Thesis: Colour constancy for glossy objets under complex lighting environment

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Sep 2015  Master of Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Keiji Uchikawa and Associate Prof. Kazuho Fukuda

Thesis: Influences of surround stimuli on brown perception and color constancy

University of Washington

Sep 2013 - 2014 Sep   Visiting Student

Supervisor: Prof. Steven L. Buck

Project: Context effects on brown perception

Chiba University

Mar 2013  Bachelor of Engineering

Supervisor: Prof. Hirohisa Yaguchi and Prof. Yoko Mizokami

Thesis: Color constancy in 2-D and 3-D scenes

Kitakyushu National College of Technology

Mar 2011  Associate Degree in Engineering